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Embedded World 2016

CANopen tool chain for Mac OS X

The complete CAN/CANopen tool chain by Emtas is now available for OS X. This includes the CANopen Device Designer and the CANopen Network Designer.

The CANopen Device Explorer on a Mac (Photo: Emtas)

THE CANOPEN DEVICE DESIGNER is used to design a single CANopen device and the CANopen Network Designer to design and simulate complete CANopen networks. Additionally, the CANinterpreter, a basic CAN analyzer with optional CANopen interpretation, as well as the CANopen Device Explorer are available for OS X. The CANopen Device Explorer is a CANopen master tool to configure or test CANopen devices. Even the CANopen Update Manager, a specialized tool to update the firmware of CANopen devices, can be used with OS X.

The prices are the same as for the Windows and Linux versions and existing users of the company's tools get the OS X version for free. The tools use the open-source can4osx driver. Besides the tools, the CANopen master/slave stack and the J1939 stack can also be used with this driver to build CANopen or J1939 applications for OS X.

All products from Emtas have been available for Windows and Linux from the beginning. Now, with the support for OS X, all major desktop operating systems are supported and users are not tied to a specific operating system any longer.

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