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Transfer of measurement data

CSM (Germany) expands its product portfolio with the DAQ tool vMeasure CSM and the CAN interface CSMcan. The interface provides measurement data transfer from CAN to USB.

Screenshot of the vMeasureCSM (Photo: CSM)

CSM presents its data acquisition software vMeasure CSM along with the CAN interface CSMcan. The data acquisition software, developed by CSM's cooperation partner Vector Informatik, is a tailor-made measurement and visualization tool for CSM's CAN- and Ethercat-based measurement modules. The CAN interface provides measurement data transfer from CAN to USB. CSM distributes the data acquisition tool, among others, in a bundle with CSMcan.

CAN-to-USB interface

CSMcan is a single-channel CAN-to-USB interface for the acquisition of measurement data via CAN-based measurement modules with vMeasure CSM. The integrated, capacitive decoupled transceiver allows a data transfer rate of up to 2 Mbit/s. The interface also offers software-based time synchronization (Software Sync.). Optimized for the collaboration with vMeasure CSM, the interface can also be implemented in measurement applications with third-party measurement software by using the supplied API.

The CSMcan CAN-to-USB interface (Photo: CSM)

The combination of vMeasure CSM and CSMcan opens up the possibility for CSM to offer complete measurement chains from a single source – from the sensor to the data acquisition software. OEMs and service providers thus receive components for their measurement setups. At the same time, CSM solutions can be individually adjusted to specific customer requirements.


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