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Bauma 2016

Codesys features for mobile controllers

At Bauma 2016, 3S-Smart Software will present Codesys product features live. The tool for configuration and evaluation tackles a range of mobile machine variants and can be used for the configuration of CANopen modules.

3S will present its new Codesys features at Bauma 2016 at the CiA stand in hall A5.339 (Photo: Codesys)

The additional value of mobile machines is more and more determined by electronic control devices and software – which is why the importance of basic software for mobile controllers and ECUs is constantly rising. There is a trend to use languages of the IEC 61131-3 instead of C/C++ for developing application software, which is particularly true for small series or highly customized mobile machines.

The integrated editors help application developers create program code, which is then compiled to executable code for the control device before the machine is taken into operation. Codesys can also be used for the configuration and application of CANopen and/or J1939 I/O modules – no further tools are necessary. Even user interfaces for diagnostics and operation can be developed, which run on built-in displays or HTML5 web browsers depending on the control device used.

Optional integrable components bring additional functionality to the platform: Before coding, the application can be planned in a UML state or class diagram, and project information can be stored and managed in Apache Subversion directly from Codesys. Codesys Static Analysis permits to check the source code for typical errors, Codesys Profiler examines the runtime properties on the ECU. The Test Manager allows for the development and automated execution of entire regression tests and unit tests for individual project components, thus ensuring application quality.

Even safety application software compliant to EN 13849 PL d or IEC 61508 SIL-2 can be developed if the certified runtime system has been implemented on the ECU. In this case, even CANopen and CANopen Safety I/Os can be configured within one single tree.


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