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Added support for Autosar 4.2.2

Arccore has just released version 11.0.0 of its software development kit Arctic Studio and its embedded Autosar platform Arctic Core. Using an ECU extract offers a configuration base in the software for CAN.

(Photo: Arccore)

The release adds support for Autosar 4.2.2 and communication stack importers to the development tools. In release 11.0.0, importing a system configuration from an ECU extract to a BSW configuration has been improved. Adding ECU extract importers for Ethernet and Flexray stacks, it now supports a multitude of modules in the communication stack. Using a complete ECU extract offers a configuration base in the basic software for CAN, LIN, Ethernet, and Flexray networks.

Arctic Studio 11.0.0 is based on Artop 4.5. It adds a Some/Ip transformer (Some/IpXf) for setting up Ethernet communication using RTE transformers and LDCOM. The RTE generator has gained several features, such as support for Transformers from Autosar 4.2.2, enabling inter-ECU communication such as client-server communication between different ECUs. Other Autosar 4.2.2 supported features include PR-ports. Arctic Core 11.0.0 has now support for several new boards: Freescale MPC5668G, Renesas RH850 F1L, and the Xilinx Zynq 7000, which are now qualified for ASIL A. Arctic Studio and Arctic Core 11.0.0 are available for download for logged-in users at the company’s website.


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