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Linux driver supports CAN FD

With the release of the PCAN Linux driver version 8.1, the beta test of the CAN FD support is finished, reported Peak-System (Germany).

The PCAN Linux driver can be used for example for the PCI express card with CAN FD interfaces (Photo: Peak)

Version 8.1 supports CAN FD communication and the CAN FD application programming interface (API) developed by Peak. The driver software works with some Linux kernels of the 2.4 version branch and with all versions from 2.6.x up to 4.x. Real-time Linux extensions like Xenomai 2.6 and RTAI are also supported.

The SocketCAN version of the driver (netdev interface) is linked inside the Linux mainline kernel, thus in many cases socket-based CAN and CAN FD applications can be used right away with CAN FD hardware from Peak-System on many Linux distributions. Still, the PCAN Driver for Linux package provides the classical chardev interface (character mode) as an alternative. Full binary compatibility with existing CAN 2.0 chardev applications that run on older versions of the driver (7.x and previous) is ensured.

The complete driver package is distributed under the GPL license agreement. The latest version is available online. The API is the same for all CAN interfaces provided by the German company. This simplifies the software development. Peak also supports the CANfestival open-source project providing a CANopen protocol stack running under Linux.


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