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Eurobike 2016

Management of bike sharing systems

Pironex offers a web-based management tool for bike sharing systems: Bike Sharing 4.0. The portal functions as an extensive system for reservations, administration, and accounting.

A Pironex charging station (Photo: Pironex)

Pironex offers electronic components and software for rental and charging stations for bikes, ebikes, and pedelecs. They allow the setup of multifunctional automated systems, which operate 24/7. The range contains components like bike locks that can be operated via smartphone, chargers, HMIs, and tracking systems. The bike locks can be integrated into any bicycle frame and can be unlocked via app, user card, or login at an on-board computer. The equipment also includes on-board computers with e-paper displays, transportable chargers for e-bikes, as well as tracking or battery management systems.

All electric components are Energybus-compatible. The compatibility of the Energybus chargers (CiA 454) with various bus systems makes it possible to connect the chargers to bikes from different manufacturers. The web portal functions as a system for reservations, administration, and accounting. The system enables charging, locking, and tracking of bikes, remote control of system parameters, and contactless access to the station or to the rental bikes.

The management tool can be reached through different media (Photo: Pironex)

For operators, the web portal is a management tool for bike sharing systems. It offers real-time fleet and station monitoring, backend tools for customer management, as well as system and financial reporting. To end-users, the system provides access to rental bikes. A cloud-based software enables customers to rent and return bikes on-demand. iOS and Android apps give access to the system, real time information, user-friendly design, and allow users to find and unlock bikes.

Users only need to register with the service before their first rental. Once registered, the user gets access to the system in order to check the availability of bikes in their area and to reserve a bike via the web portal, via the operator website, or through the app. Bikes are unlocked through a contactless identification system After using the bike, the user takes the bike back to one of the bike sharing stations. Electro-mechanic door locks with integrated return detection enable the management of the station.

Pironex will show its products at the Eurobike fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany from August 31 to September 4, 2016. A charging spot will also be available at the fair (Messe 1).

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