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Configurable CAN ID filtering

With the latest release of Ipetronik’s Ipemotion app 2.15 and corresponding Ipehub2 firmware 1.4.1, users benefit from configurable CAN ID filtering using the IPEhub2 web interface.

Example of a Mirror Link Ipemotion app screen in a VW Passat (Photo: Ipetronik)

The Ipemotion app supports mobile data display for Android devices. With it, a vehicle’s CAN interface can be connected to any Android device. It offers a quick and easy measuring data display. The app also has a display function for data loggers, enables encrypted data transfer between Ipehub2 and mobile device, and data security by data storage directly on Ipehub2. The app offers WPS function for connection setup, graphical and tabular data visualization, and the extension of display settings directly on mobile device.

Ipetronik’s latest release offers a reduced device boot time (15 s) for Ipehub2, a speedometer display instrument, and time span configuration for the yt chart (range 30 s to 60 min). A new ribbon icon indicates SD card storage utilization. The configuration of the number of decimal places for instruments with numeric display is enables, as is the manual re-sorting of display pages order. Multiplex DBC signals are supported, and a Mirror Link dashboard display for app visualization has been added.


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