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Eicma 2016

Motorcycles connect to smartphones

Bosch’s Myspin system enables the use of apps on motorcycles and other two-wheelers. The first solution was presented in a BMW motorcycle TFT instrument cluster.

Myspin allows apps access to the motorcycle’s CAN network (Photo: Bosch)

At Eicma, the Milan Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition taking place from November 8 to 13, Bosch is showing its Myspin smartphone integration system for two-wheelers. Since both BMW and Bosch are focusing on two-wheeler connectivity during this event, Bosch is showcasing its smartphone integration solution in a BMW motorcycle TFT instrument cluster. “Myspin for two-wheelers enables riders to bring their smartphone content to the motorcycle. It also provides all vehicle manufacturers with an open platform featuring an extensive range of options,” said Geoff Liersch, head of the Bosch Two-Wheeler and Powersports business unit.

Myspin is connected both to the bike’s CAN network and to the Cloud, thereby supporting a range of functions. For instance, if the fuel level in the tank is getting low, riders can be informed in advance of upcoming fuel stations. Also, the platform can be used to establish a direct channel of communication between riders and manufacturers in order to expand certain customer services such as special offers from dealerships.

Available for cars since 2014, Myspin has now been adapted for two-wheelers, providing a solution for sharing information such as traffic conditions or route preferences with other bikers. In the system development stage, Bosch paid special attention to road safety and the avoidance of rider distraction. The system pares down phone apps to show only the most essential information on the motorcycle’s display. Once a smartphone has been connected to the motorcycle, the bike’s display and handlebar control devices can be used to access data on the phone, including contacts, calendars, and favorite apps. Thanks to direct access to the contacts stored on the phone, inter-app communication facilitates tasks such as entering navigation destinations. The across-platform solution is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.

The system’s modular approach allows it to be adapted to OEM’s specifications. The motorcycle manufacturer can specify which apps can be utilized on the motorcycle by adding them to a white list, which can be updated and expanded as and when required. The manufacturer decides on the type and number of apps it wants to make available on the motorcycles in its range, and can expand the system’s features at any time by adding new apps. Using the app analytics function, manufacturers can also identify the apps that are used more frequently, and in this way optimize their customer offering.


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