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SPS IPC Drives 2016

CAN driver supports CAN FD

Microcontrol presents its CANpie with CAN FD functionality at SPS IPC Drives. The CAN driver facilitates the migration from Classical CAN to CAN FD.

Structure of the CANpie driver (Photo: Microcontrol)

Microcontrol (Germany) considers CAN FD the new standard in automation and offers CANpie FD as a solution for the migration from Classical CAN. The CAN driver CANpie (Controller Area Network Programming Interface Environment) offers a standardized programming interface for development of CAN-based applications. The driver forms the basis for higher layer protocols (CANopen/J1939) and is available for a range of micro-controllers. A variety of options enable adjustments to individual target systems.

The modular structure of the CAN driver gives users room for decision making: they can plan for CAN FD now, but migrate in the future with the exchange of only one component. More than 150 drivers are included in the classic CANpie version, all of them with CAN FD support, and a range of controllers are also available as CANpie FD versions. The company plans to release all controllers with CAN FD support for the Embedded World in February, 2017. For now, Microcontrol can be visited at the SPS IPC Drives 2016, at their stand 128 in hall 2.

Until the end of the SPS IPC fair, the company also offers first-time customers a complete automation controller starter kit. It comes with a protective tool case and comprises the µMIC.200, a mains adapter, a connecting cable, a CANopen I/O module, and a CD-ROM with a complete development environment for C/C++ programming.


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