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Support for three CAN interfaces

Release 2.0 of Smart Testsolutions’ MCM-Process RT software supports three CAN interfaces and has Ethercat communication capabilities. In addition, the software has been enhanced to better address cell voltage monitoring (CVM).

Process assembly MCM Intelli Probe Master (Photo: Smart Testsolutions)

MCM-Process RT supports customers implementing test procedures with stable timing. The software runs on Smart Testsolutions’ MCM process assemblies, which extend the I/O components of the MCM product family and therefore support a variety of channel types.

The core feature of the Smart MCM I/O components is the capability to process multiple signals in parallel and synchronously. No matter how many I/O channels, all signals are provided synchronously, based on a common clock, for downstream processing. The software translates the data from the divers slave units into the correct dimension. In addition, it enables users to create time-triggered processes thanks to an integrated script interpreter. This interpreter even allows performing multiple test sequences with many options.

Release 2.0 of MCM-Process RT extends the process assemblies MCM Main Control V2 and MCM Intelli Probe Master by another CAN interface. In addition, it is now possible to transfer data via Ethercat. Another feature is data logging, enabling test engineers to continuously record all relevant data on a SD card with an extended industrial temperature range. Also new is a software module that enables customers to adapt the vendor’s latest CVM measurement module generation MCM Intelli Probe G4 to the communications environment of the previous version R3.