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Interfacing real-time systems

Visualconnx by Add2 (England) is a visualization and control software product, allowing real-time hardware or software interfacing, monitoring, and logging. It can be used to communicate via CAN.

The Visualconnx range of products comprises Microsoft Windows hosted graphical user interface software, primarily designed for connecting to real-time hardware and software (Photo: Add2)

The software allows GUIs (graphical user interfaces) to be created in minutes, said the company. It real-time human-machine interfaces to be created and linked to the real-time interface. The drag-and-drop editing capability ensures engineers to connect their interface to CAN driver software, real-time Simulink, or RCP hardware. The GUI program ensures data logging, testing, or simulation of embedded systems. Once complete, interfaces can be packaged and distributed in just a few clicks, the company added.

Users can view and change data in their projects, build control panels for their target systems, and connect to CAN systems, RT simulation, or any other target using an API. Users can also create automated interfaces and test systems for use by their customers or suppliers. The software comprises Microsoft Windows hosted graphical user interface software.


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