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Developing an evaluation safety solution

Arccore is building safety-critical software on the Nvidia Drive PX platform to power automotive systems. The used Autosar-compatible software makes use of CAN.

The safety solution (Photo: Arccore)

Arccore’s software platform will be based on the renowned automotive standard Autosar and will be used as an evaluation system for autonomous driving. It will run on Nvidia Drive PX 2, an AI supercomputer for cars with the processing power of 24 trillion deep learning operations per second. The platform consists of embedded Autosar software, Arctic Core, running on Linux on both Nvidia Tegra processors and an Aurix micro-controller. With this combination, the assessed system can consist of multiple Autosar Software Components (SWCs) communicating over CAN demonstrating, for example, a safety-critical system in a multi-core environment. Ethernet is also possible. Due to the multi-core support emulation, developers can build and demonstrate safety concepts required for autonomous vehicles using this platform.

"Our automotive software platform conforms to the Autosar standard, which opens up for fast concept design but does not restrict future prototypes or products to be based on Autosar," said Håkan Berglund, Vice President ADAS/AD at Arccore. "With the autonomous car market booming, we understand the increasing need for projects moving fast from concept car development to prototyping, but at the same time not jeopardizing the quality of safety-critical systems."

"Drive PX 2 is a scalable AI supercomputing architecture designed to enable all levels of autonomous driving," said Sahin Kirtavit, Vice President Autonomous Driving & Ecosystem, Nvidia. “Arccore brings a powerful software stack to automotive developers – from established automakers to startups and research institutions – who are creating self-driving cars, trucks or shuttles." Arccore covers the development cycle from prototyping to production, paving the way for autonomous driving (ADAS/AD), advanced infotainment and other in-car applications.


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