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ESP software update

Malfunctioning can cause brake problems

Published 2017-12-14

Daimler recalls some G-class models. The ESP (electronic stability program) software needs to be updated.

If CAN communication fails, braking distance can increase (Photo: Daimler)

The ESP function in G-class SUVs produced in the years 2015 to 2017 may malfunction, when the Distronic Plus distance control is activated and CAN communication is corrupted. In this case, the engine does not reduce power, even, if the driver pulls the brake. Increasing the braking effort or shifting to N (neutral) overcomes this, but the braking distance is lengthens. Therefore, a software update is necessary. It ensures that in case of not proper CAN communication, the engine reduces the power. Fortunately, CAN communication is very robust and reliable. No client had reported such problems, said the German carmaker. Internal analysis has found the possible malfunction. A software update solves the problem.