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ISP software

For flashing ECUs via CAN

The Flash-IP solution by Goepel (Germany) allows programming electronic control units via CAN. Typical applications include flash programming during development, at end-of-line and in repair stations.

The PXI 6153 module runs the ISP (flash in-system programming) software (Photo: Goepel)

The Series 61 hardware by Goepel runs the company’s ISP software. This hardware handles the CAN communication to download the software. It provides the G-API high-level application programming interface. This includes the flash server and, once the appropriate DLLs have been embedded. The API enables control by a user’s own applications based on Labview, Lab Windows/CVI, C++, and Delphi for example.

A special code (Goepel Flash-IP) is loaded in the volatile memory (RAM) of the control unit via CAN using for example the XCP calibration program. Once the Flash-IP has been downloaded successfully, it can be started. The Flash-IP contains the necessary software drivers to transmit the flash data via CAN. It also includes functionality for programming and verifying the ECU’s flash memory. Since the Flash-IP is stored in the volatile memory of ECU and is running from there, no further action is necessary after the ECU has been restarted. The Flash-IP is then no longer in the ECU.


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