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JSON interface added to CAN-over-IP gateway

The PCAN-Gateway product family from Peak-System enables the connection of CAN networks via IP networks. The CAN messages are packed as data in TCP or UDP messages and forwarded via an IP network.

(Photo: Peak-System)

CAN systems can thus be integrated into IoT environments and have an alternative access point for remote diagnostics. The configuration of the PCAN-Gateways is done via a website, which can be time-consuming for multiple devices. The JSON interface released with the software package 2.7 offers developers an alternative way to access the devices. A JSON-formatted request is sent to the PCAN-Gateway as a GET parameter of a URL.

Requested information or the status of a configuration request is returned as a JSON-formatted response. This makes it possible to develop software for automated monitoring and configuration of all PCAN-Gateways connected to the IP network. The software package 2.7 is now available free of charge. The JSON interface and its use is described in detail in the PCAN-Gateway developer documentation.


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