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Digital maintenance concepts

Predictive maintenance aims to eliminate faults and therefore machine breakdowns as quickly as possible. An even better approach is not to allow the faults to occur at all.

Condition monitoring is a preliminary stage to predictive maintenance (Photo: HJS Emissions Technology)

Hans Wiedemann reports in the December 2018 issue of the CAN Newsletter about digital maintenance concepts: “Increasing digitalization and connectivity enables a gapless monitoring of machine parameters and therefore of the condition of the machine. Condition monitoring enables wear criteria to be derived from measurement values of an individual machine. As a result, the length of a drive chain can be continuously monitored, and on reaching a defined value, the delivery of a new chain is already initiated and an appropriate maintenance slot reserved for the execution of the replacement work. In this way, failures can be avoided in advance, i.e. preventatively. This is designated as predictive maintenance.”

The author working with Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) adds: “In particular with predictive maintenance and the associated condition monitoring, the recording of physical factors such as pressure, temperature, force, accelerations, and speeds is indispensable. This data is first stored on the machine together with other parameters, such as operating time, completed distance, braking procedures or the number of movements. The medium for the transmission of this data on a mobile machine is mainly the CAN network. Often, the data is also transmitted on different CAN networks. As a result, it is possible to differentiate between information for the driving operation and for the work function, or, in case of an electrified machine, for the energy management.”

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