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Linux support

Programming of displays

Hainzl (Austria) supplies for its CAN and CANopen hardware products a Linux software platform. It supports C++ and QT programming.

Overview on the Linux software platform (Photo: Hainzl)

Hainzl, an 800‑employees firm situated in Linz, is specialized in fluid technology and offers a broad range of CAN connectable products. The family‑owned company provides also engineering services. In order to support customers, who want to program their own software, the Linux software platform adapted to the offered hardware has been introduced.

In addition to the CAN/CANopen hardware products, the Linux platform is offered including support services (Photo; Hainzl)

With this platform, the experienced OEM (original equipment manufacturer) can y program control sequences and visualizations software. Pre‑programmed functions such as fluid control, menu navigation, databases, web-server, and multi-lingual screens are available simplifying the programming. The software platforms also provides animated representations, video outputs, and multi-touch functions The automatic scaling of the software platform enables the user to display responsive information on different devices.

The software platform includes protocol stacks and driver software for several communication systems including CANopen. The company also provides training courses to use the Linux platform in conjunction with the offered CAN and CANopen products.


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