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Computex 2019

Smartphone driver assistance app

VIA Technologies (Taiwan) has demonstrated a smartphone driver assistance app with CAN integration functions during Computex 2019.

(Photo: VIA)

VIA-AI is an open source driver assistance app that supports adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane keeping assist system (LKAS), and CAN network integration functions. It enables the development of driver assistance capabilities for selected vehicles using an Android smartphone and hardware connectors. VIA will make the source code, documentation, and accessories available on its forthcoming VIA-AI platform that will be launched in July 2019.

“As the first company in the world to enable advanced Level 2 driver assistance functions on a smartphone, our mission is to accelerate the development of self-driving applications that leverage the capabilities of the world’s most ubiquitous mobile device,” said Richard Brown, Vice-President of International Marketing, VIA Technologies. “With our forthcoming VIA-AI platform, we are committed to buil a vibrant ecosystem for developers, enthusiasts, and industry partners to create innovative apps and services that boost driver safety and convenience.”

(Photo: VIA)

VIA-AI features advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) technologies utilized in VIA Mobile360 in-vehicle systems for demanding commercial installations, including public transportation, mining and excavation, and autonomous delivery robots.

VIA Mobile360 in-vehicle systems are available in configurations that can be rapidly customized for a variety of driver assistance, situational awareness, and autonomous driving applications with their support for 360° video monitoring, ADAS, DMS (driver management system), and sensor fusion.


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