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CAN modules

Autosar software re-certified

The Autosar basic software Microsar Safe from Vector continues to meet the requirements of ISO 26262 up to Asil D. This is confirmed by the corresponding certificate. The CAN software modules were evaluated.

The software was certified by Exida according to ISO 26262 up to Asil D (Source: LCC)

The re-certification was carried out by Exida – an internationally authority for Functional Safety. Three years ago, the software with 29 modules was certified for the first time according to ISO 26262 up to Asil D. Now the surveillance assessment took place. It confirms compliance with Asil D for 19 additional modules.

In the assessment, modules from various domains of the basic software were evaluated and their freedom from interference was assessed. These include, for example, the Autosar 4.3 crypto stack, the time synchronization modules, the transformers for signal-based and service-oriented communication, the end-to-end protection of communication, and the lean hypervisor for the safe startup of multiple operating systems. In addition, the operating system itself and the basic software modules for CAN, LIN, and Flexray communication as well as the system control and memory management were evaluated. The software is available for all micro-controllers commonly used in the automotive environment, said the company.


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