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CiA’s 700th member: Rohde & Schwarz

The 700th CiA member is not a typical one: It is a provider of oscilloscopes, which comes with software for Classical CAN and CAN FD. The company located in Germany supports also other automotive networks including wireless communication.

(Source: Rohde & Schwarz)

The complete article is published in the December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine 2020. This is just an excerpt.

In normal times, CAN in Automation (CiA) would visit its 700th member. However, the coronavirus thwarts this plan. Instead, a virtual meeting was scheduled. I welcomed the company, which was represented by Juergen Meyer, Vice President Market Segment Automotive. By the way, we know each other since about 25 years. In those days, Juergen Meyer was working with Softing, another CiA member. Since three years, he is working at Rohde & Schwarz. Rohde & Schwarz with its headquarters in Munich has joined CiA, to be up-to-date regarding new CAN lower layer developments, explained Meyer. “We participated as guest in some CAN FD plugfests organized by CiA.” Now, the company will participate more actively in the development process of CAN XL. “We like to have first-hand information as early as possible, in order to provide appropriate products. Additionally, we would like to discuss the desires and the wishes of carmakers and their suppliers, to supply features in our oscilloscopes, which our customers really need,” added Meyer. “We like to become the market leader in oscilloscopes.”

More than 12 000 employees

More than 85 years ago, university friends Dr. Lothar Rohde and Dr. Hermann Schwarz founded Rohde & Schwarz. The company develops instruments for test and measurement. It provides a wide range of electronic capital goods for industry and government customers with a focus on solutions that contribute to a safer and connected world. By the way, I used products from Rohde & Schwarz for the first time, when I was a student.

The privately hold company has more than 12 000 employees and is grouped in four business fields. The market segment automotive belongs to the test and measurement business field. The company started the development of oscilloscopes about ten years ago. Today, it supplies a range of them. Additionally, software packages for Classical CAN and CAN FD are available. In respect to cybersecurity and CAN-based networks, Rohde & Schwarz cooperates with Vector Informatik – another CiA member (we reported already in the CAN Newsletter Online). For high-speed networks such as CAN XL, Rohde & Schwarz does joint developments with Rosenberger.

Oscilloscopes support CAN

All Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes support triggering and de- coding of CAN data and remote frames. The instruments can process DBC files. For detailed analysis, results can be visualized as color-coded frames and/or in a table format. Errors are identified by means of hardware-accelerated triggers. You can trigger on start-of-frame (SOF) bit, CAN-ID (identifier), data field content, and various error conditions.

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