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Software development kit with free version of CANopen FD library

The latest release of the MCUXpresso software development kit (SDK) from NXP now also includes a free version of the Emsa’s (Embedded Systems Academy) Micro CANopen FD library.

(Source: Adobe Stock)

The library from Emsa (we already reported) is available for various micro-controllers of the LPC54xxx and LPC55xxx families. Support for the i.MX RT family will be added later. The CANopen FD libraries are separated by support for devices and managers. The examples implement a generic input and output device as well as a minimal manager and control application. The libraries are fully functional besides a limitation on the number of PDOs and node IDs supported. The license allows developers to integrate these libraries into commercial projects. For more details on the CANopen FD libraries in MCUXpresso SDK, there are several videos on the NXP Youtube channel available.

Emsa, is “gold partner” of NXP Semiconductors and have offered products for their lines of micro-controllers since 2001. The software solutions for the micro-controllers are targeting flash memory programming, bootloading, and Classical CAN / CAN FD based communications with protocols like classic CANopen, CANopen FD, and SAE J1939 as well as the CANcrypt security framework.


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