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Mapping CAN/CAN FD frames as objects

The CAN-OPC UA Server provided by ESD Electronics enables the integration of the company’s own CAN interfaces into the IIoT world. With the help of this software, Windows CAN frames can be mapped as objects without having to write code for them.

CAN-OPC UA Server for implementation of OPC UA standard under Windows (Source: ESD Electronics)

Since February 2020 ESD Electronics has been a member of the OPC Foundation. With the development of the CAN-OPC UA Server the company now provides software to implement the OPC UA standard for their own CAN interfaces. It is used to ensure fast and secure data exchange between platforms and systems from different manufacturers, explained the company. Due to the open standard, almost any system can exchange data as standardized objects with other systems, regardless of the interface or serial network system in use.

The software is scalable and allows data exchange for CAN devices. By implementing it as a Windows service, the functions can be run without active users. The configuration of the OPC UA objects is done via an exchangeable configuration file. Due to a configuration tool, settings as well as mapping and logging can be carried out using a CSV file. They can be edited via a common text editor or by means of spreadsheet programs. The software supports ESD interfaces with Classical CAN and CAN FD.


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