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CAN drivers and software preview for Windows 11 on ARM64

Peak-System has released a beta version of their CAN drivers and software for Windows on ARM. It is only a preview and not the finalized version.

(Source: Peak-System)

The company’s drivers, APIs (application programming interface), and software are built for Windows computers with x86- and x64-based processors. With Windows 11 it is possible to emulate x86 and x64 applications on ARM-based computers. But emulation ends with the drivers.

Due to growing interest from their customers, Peak-System's developers have put much effort into their drivers and software, explained the company. Now they can give a first glance on working device drivers for Windows 11 on ARM64. For this, the company has prepared a beta preview setup which includes:

  • Drivers compiled for ARM64: CAN/LIN interfaces for USB, the PCAN-Virtual driver, and the PCAN-LAN driver
  • APIs with interface DLLs for x86, ARM64, and ARM64EC: PCAN-Basic, PLIN-API, and PCAN-RP1210
  • x86/x64 software: PCAN-View, PLIN-View Pro, and Virtual PCAN-Gateway
  • ARM64 software: Peak-Settings

The beta preview setup can be requested from the company’s support team.


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