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Windows on ARM support for CAN and LIN interfaces

With the release 4. 4. 0 of the Windows device driver setup for CAN interfaces from Peak-System, ARM64 systems are also supported. Until now, this includes all CAN interfaces with USB port, such as the PCAN-USB FD.

Peak-System, manufacturer of hardware and software for CAN and LIN serial network systems, now offers support for Windows on ARM. (Source: Peak-System)

Until now, the manufacturer's drivers, APIs (application programming interface), and software were built for Windows computers with x86 and x64-based processors. With Windows 11 it is possible to emulate x86 and x64 applications on ARM64-based computers. However, the emulation ends with the drivers.

Peak-System has converted various drivers and services for ARM64. Especially the CAN and LIN device drivers for USB interfaces like the PCAN-USB are essential, since the USB port is the primary-available interface on ARM64-based computers, explained the company. In addition, the company has adapted software and programming interfaces for ARM64. With the APIs PCAN-Basic and PLIN-API, ARM applications can thus be enhanced with a connection to the CAN or LIN network.


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