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Multitool software package

Epec has released version 2.0 of its Multitool software package. This PC utility tool supports the Finish company’s PLCs. These control units are dedicated for mobile machinery, and they run the Codesys version 2.3 software. The 3S software house has already released the Codesys version 3.0, which has not been adopted by Epec.

THE UPDATED SOFTWARE is more user-friendly. It supports the 32-bit and the 64-bit Windows 7 operating system. Additionally, several corrections and improvements in relation to the export actions and configuration files have been introduced
The Multitool can be used to define and create a control system. This includes PDO linking and other configuration by means of SDO. The programming starts with defining TPDOs to one control unit. After that, the user can select the PDO from a list with another control unit and accept it. The new version is not compatible with the previous versions, although you can import “old” configurations. Such a project can still be modified. Of course, if the project is not converted into the new version, the new features can’t be used.
Epec has announced to transfer its forest machine information system and software product development unit to Ponsse, its mother company. The transfer should strengthen the companies' ability to focus on their areas of core competence. Nevertheless, Epec will continue the manufacturing of the Ponsse information system products.

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