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HMI software for multiple platforms

GP-Pro EX by Pro-face (Japan) is a development software for multiple platforms, which also offers support of CANopen for LT4000M.

AMONGST THE SUPPORTED PLTFORMS are all Pro-face GP4000, GP4000M, LT4000M, AGP3000, LT3000 and AST3000 series HMI units, the EZ series, as well as PS4000, APL3000 and PS3000 series IPCs with WinGP. The software takes users through the development process step by step. With an array of application development tools, diagnostic features and simulation capabilities, it is capable of handling HMI applications.
Other features include self-guiding development, system and communication configuration, edit screens and logic, support of the GP4000 series, a smooth alarm analysis, and a search/sort alarm sampling history.
The software enables increased machine/process uptime and offers an alarm history banner display, as well as a project comparison tool. The software also offers remote monitoring in real-time and text tables for multiple languages. It manages to relieve PLC memory burden. Version 3.5 of the software supports remote HMI for smartphones, tablet PCs and USB periphery.

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