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Isobus meets Codesys

At the SPS IPC Drives 2013, B-Plus has introduced the b-Isobus-Stack. It’s a software solution that provides hardware-independent communication between tractor and implement via Isobus. It offers integration into Codesys projects.

THE MANUFACTURER-INDEPENDENT COMPATIBILITY of Isobus developments is one of the most important challenges in the communication between agricultural machines and the software. As long as the electronics of the tractor and the implement are different, particular functions, e.g. in the field of precision farming, are not usable. In order to bridge such inefficiency, the German company B-Plus has developed their stack, which they introduced at the SPS IPC Drives exhibition in Nuremberg, Germany.

This software solution provides a hardware independent communication between tractor and implement via Isobus. The software library, which is developed in C, offers integration into Codesys projects with the controllers/PLCs by ifm. It complies with standard ISO 11783-6 for version 3 working sets (Virtual Terminal Client). The product was already tested at the AEF Fall Plugfest 2013 in endurance and compatibility tests with the agricultural technology of different manufacturers. The company, which has been a CAN in Automation member since 2009, offers design-in support as well as the complete integration of the product in particular applications.

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