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Simulation and analysis environment compatible with Windows 7

Softing Automotive Electronics (Germany) has launched the 4.0 version of the CanEasy simulation, analysis and test environment. It supports application in ECU engineering and development, the simulation of bus systems and the analysis of communication. The simulation records all CAN and LIN network communication.

THE SOFTWARE IS WINDOWS-BASED and configured automatically, using DBC files and it offers the option of using Dongle-licenses. The software integrates real and simulated ECUs (engine control unit) in a single environment. Real and simulated ECUs communicate with each other. The user can monitor and modify the values of all CAN signals while communication is taking place with automatically generated panels. Practical functions of the ECUs to be simulated can be configured using plug-ins or programmed using the integrated development environments in VB, or C++.
The simulation records the messages of all connected buses (up to 99) without previous filtering. This makes it possible to access all past data. The data can be replayed in its entirety or filtered. These evaluations can also be automated using the API and the development environments integrated in the simulation.
The reaction of an ECU to high bus loads, certain values and defective communication can be tested using plug-in functions. Special test scenarios as well as automated tests are configurable using plug-ins or the integrated scheduler. Dynamic and complex scenarios can be programmed and used as many times as required, even simultaneously.

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