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Software for Energybus-compatible CANopen devices

Emtas (Germany) announced the release of the Energybus framework. Device manufacturers for pedelecs (electric bicycles) and other light electric vehicles (LEV) may use the software for development of CANopen devices compliant to the CiA 454 application profile for energy management systems also known as Energybus standard.

(Photo: Emtas)

THE FRAMEWORK PROVIDES A COMMUNICATION INTERFACE between the application and the CAN network with the required data and functions. It is written in ANSI-C programming language and may be used on the systems supporting a C compiler. The CiA-454 specified interfaces for e.g. battery, charger, display, motor controller and the network controller allow simplified device integration in already existing projects. Already proven and tested interfaces are used for the driver interface. The software is shipped with the configuration tool Energybus Device Wizard. By means of the tool the user may define the Energybus device features with a few clicks.

The CANopen object dictionary (OD) may be combined using pre-defined profiles and attributes of additional objects may be specified. Out of this data, the object dictionary, the initialization functions, the electronic data sheet (EDS or XDD format) and device documentation are generated. An included example implementation for each device type, an application and reference manual as well as the source code documented in detail simplify system integration of such devices in customer’s applications.

“Already in the development phase of the framework, the software was applied by diverse pilot customers und used in company’s development projects. This and the successful pass through the current CANopen conformance test ensures the high reliability of the software even in the first version”, explains Andreas Boebel, the CEO of Emtas.

The license for the framework has to be paid only once allowing the software usage in unlimited number of Energybus projects at the same development site. The company is a member of CAN in Automation (CiA) and the Energybus organization, which jointly developed the CiA 454 application profile. In order to hold its products up-to-date, the software provider is actively working in the JTF (joint task force) Energy Management, which further develops the CiA 454. The company, founded in 2012, is a provider of Energybus, CANopen and Ethercat protocol stacks and tools. Integration support, software development, consulting and training in these technologies are the services offered by Emtas.

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