Extension for design of J1939-based CAN networks

[27.06.2018] Mentor, a Siemens business, today introduced Capital Systems Networks. It is an advanced software tool engineered to enable the creation of in-vehicle Classical CAN communications networks based on the J1939 standard.

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MCD Elektronik


Test system series

[24.05.2018] MCD Elektronik has released the VTS 2030 modular and versatile test system series. It can be connected to various bus systems including CAN and LIN.

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Calibration and data acquisition tool

CAN FD support and other improvements

[22.05.2018] Accurate Technologies (ATI) has released the version 5.1 of its Vision calibration and data acquisition software. It offers several additional features including the support of CAN FD.

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USB dongle

Running CAN tools on PCs

[2018-05-15] The USBCAN-II Pro by GCAN connects PCs to CAN networks. The product comes with Ecan Windows software tools.

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Measurement system

Up to 128 channels can be acquired

[2018-05-15] IMC introduced the latest generation of its Spartan multi-channel measurement system. Equipped with a new base unit, the system now support the entire IMC portfolio of field and vehicle bus interfaces including CAN FD.

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With up to four ISO CAN FD inputs

[2018-05-09] With its CAN FD satellite interface, Ipetronik introduces a data-logger for traffic and signal measurement.

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Goepel Electronic

Communication controller

For up to 18 independent interfaces

[2018-05-08] Goepel Electronic launches the Series 62 communication controllers. The architecture offers restbus simulation and flash programming for up to 18 independent bus interfaces for Classical CAN, CAN FD, ...

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CAN FD monitoring module

[2018-04-25] Yokogawa has introduced a CAN FD monitoring module for its Scopecorder family of portable data-acquisition and recording instruments. The 720242 plug-in module is compatible with the DL850EV instrument and the DL350 Scopecorder fitted with the /VE op...

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Teledyne Lecroy

Oscilloscope family

Additional models for high-end and entry-level

[2018-04-12] Teledyne Lecroy has introduced the Wavesurfer 3000z oscilloscopes. They expand bandwidth range above and below that of earlier models, while also bolstering functionality for power-electronics testing.

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CAN oscilloscope

With 80 automotive measurement functions

[2018-04-10] Hantek (China) provides the 6074BE oscilloscope, which can be connected via USB to PCs. Software drivers for different Windows versions are available.

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RS Components


Pocket-sized, 20-MHz bandwidth, and CAN support

[2018-03-22] RS Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents, has introduced a two-channel oscilloscope that has a footprint approximately the size of a passport with a thickness of 19 mm.

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Automotive Testing Expo 2018

Self-driving car in South Korea

[2018-03-21] Zuragon and showed the self-driving vehicle Sonnet Autodrive during Testing Expo in South Korea. It is based on the ViCANdo test environment.

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CAN data-logger

Comes with USB and Wifi connectivity

[2018-03-15] CSS (Denmark) has developed the CANLogger3000. It stores the recorded data on a 16-GiB SD-card.

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HIL and rapid prototyping

Improved interaction with Simulink

[2018-03-07] Version 6.0 of Dspace’s Configuration-Desk features a revised user interface. The software tool is suitable for the company’s Scalexio hardware supporting Classical CAN and CAN FD.

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Embedded World 2018

Vehicle computer supports J1939 and CANopen

[2018-03-06] Syslogic has added the VSL Compact 81 vehicle computer to its mobile computing range. The computers are used in trains, busses, and even automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in construction as well as agricultural machinery.

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Embedded World 2018

ECU designed for rapid prototyping

[2018-03-05] Therefore, Expinovo (Germany) has developed an ECU (electronic control unit) with multiple interfaces used in in-vehicle networks. This includes five CAN ports.

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Development board

CAN transceiver supports sleep-mode

[2018-02-22] Tindie (Czech Republic) offers the CAN32 board. It features the ESP32 processor with on-chip CAN module and the SN65HVD230DR transceiver by Texas Instruments.

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Embedded World 2018

Measurement and calibration tool

[2018-02-15] CANape version 16.0 by Vector enables the measurement and calibration of ECUs and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors.

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Embedded World 2018

Development board with CAN ports

[2018-02-13] Emtrion (Germany) offers the Emcon-RZ/G1H board suitable for multi-media developments. It is powered by a multi-core Cortex by Renesas.

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Embedded World 2018

Updated version of the CANopen design tool

[2018-02-12] Port has announced the availability of version 2.3.18 of its CANopen Design Tool (CDT) for Windows and Linux. The updated version includes MCU/CPU support.

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CAN project management

Software runs embedded on the tool

[2018-02-06] The announced Logoversion software runs directly on the CANtouch tool by Gemac. It can create, delete, and name CAN projects.

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Embedded World 2018

CAN and LIN oscilloscopes

[2018-01-25] Beside others, Rohde & Schwarz presents its oscilloscope series’ R&S RTC1000 to the general public at Embedded World 2018. It comes with CAN and LIN support.

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ST Microelectronics

Development board

Supports Arduino connectivity

[2018-01-25] ST Microelectronics provides the Nucleo-144 boards featuring an STM32 micro-controller in an LQFP144 package. The board’s Zio connector enables connection to Arduino Uno V3.

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Warwick Control

CAN maintenance kit

Viewing the three main layers

[2018-01-17] Warwick Control provides the 3-in-1 CAN maintenance kit. The concept of the kit is to allow engineers to view the CAN network on the three main layers (physical layer, data link layer, and application layer).

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Embedded World 2018

Trace modules for access device

[2018-01-16] PLS Programmierbare Logik & Systeme presents two trace modules for its Universal Access Device 2next (UAD2next) at the fair. It is an access device for on-chip debugging and trace of multicore micro-controllers in embedded systems.

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4-channel oscilloscope

Minimum vertical input range of 500 ┬ÁV/div

[2018-01-02] Siglent (China) has developed the SDS1204-E oscilloscope. It is available in 100-MHz or 200-MHz versions and comes with an optional CAN decoder.

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B&K Precision

2-channel MSO

With optional CAN decoder functionality

[2018-01-02] B&K Precision offers for its 2540C digital storage and mixed signal oscilloscope (MSO) several protocol decoder upgrades.

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CAN, LIN, and USB interface unit

For residual bus simulation

[2018-01-02] BFFT (Germany) has developed the CANmicro2 interface module. On the connected PC, the user can run test and simulation software.

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Embedded Systems Academy

CANopen FD

Support for all tools

[2017-12-19] Embedded Systems Academy is now adding CANopen FD support to all their CANopen products. The first line of products supporting CANopen FD is the CANopen Magic software for the analysis and test of networks.

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Testing Expo India

Testing Expo India 2018

More than 130 exhibitors

[2017-12-08] Beginning of 2018, the Testing Expo India takes place in Chennai. Goepel and Vector are two of the exhibitors.

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Smart Vehicle Diagnostics

Diagnostic tool

For Harley-Davidson bikes

[2017-11-16] Smart Vehicle Diagnostics (USA) has developed the Smartscan smartphone diagnostics adapters for Harley-Davidson bikes. It can be adapted to the CAN-based ODB interface.

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