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CANopen analyzer works via Raspberry Pi

Capanalysis (Italy) is developing a CAN network and CANopen sniffer/monitor analyzer. The tool will use a web interface as HMI. It will be able to visualize CAN information from capture-files (.pcap files) or directly sniff the CAN network.

The sniffer/monitor analyzer will look similar to Capanalysis (Photo: Capanalysis)

THE COMPANY'S INTENTION IS TO RELEASE a binary image that can be installed on X86 and ARM CPU-boards for example a Raspberry Pi board with a CAN interface. This way the user will be able to display data (CAN messages, nodes, etc.) using any PC or device with a browser by only connecting the Raspberry Pi to the PC’s LAN or Wifi. Ic h by the rasverry.

The web-user interface will be very similar to the interface of Capanalysis, an application, which manages IP network data. Capanalysis is a web .pcap file viewer. It can manage sets of .pcap files. The TCP reassembly allows evaluating the bytes lost for each TCP stream.

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