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Analyzing communication in aircrafts

Vector (Germany) has developed the GL1020FTE data logger for analyzing CAN network communication in aircrafts. It can be used in aircrafts with CAN networks such as galley, water an waste, environmental control, doors, or de-icing systems.

The product comes in a rugged housing in orange signal color which offers protection against dust and moisture (Photo: Vector)

THE LOGGER TIME-SYNCHRONOUSLY RECORDS up to 32 GiB of data from two CAN channels and four analog measurement channels. It operates on layer 2 of the CAN protocol and is also able to acquire error frames, bus load, and bus timing data. Both long-term and event-triggered loggings are possible. To reduce the data volume, the test engineer can define filters and trigger conditions with a Windows-based logger configurator. The configurator software can be used to upload the logged data via USB 2.0 and to convert the data to various formats for evaluation. The company also offers software tools for offline data analysis such as CANoe, CANalyzer, CANape and CANgraph. The logger has no impact on the bus communication in the aircraft. Beside CAN traffic, measured values from analog inputs can be stored time-synchronously.

The hardware can withstand accelerations up to 6 g and the vibrations that occur during operation; it can also handle temperatures between -40 °C and +85 °C and flight altitudes up to nearly 11 km. It offers protection against indirect effects of lightning strikes as well. The product comes in a housing with dimensions of 208 mm x 120 mm x 37 mm. The logger is supplied with 28 VDC from the electrical system, and it can withstand peak voltages of up to 33 V; it can buffer voltage interruptions of up to 200 milliseconds. The CAN data logger passed its first test trial aboard an A350 XWB MSN2 Airbus test aircraft. The device fulfills stringent requirements to be used as aircraft equipment and was designed according to the RTCA DO-160E standard.

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