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Analyzing tool with snapshot function

Version 4.1.2 of Schleissheimer's (Germany) remaining bus simulation and analysis environment CanEasy connects buses and hardware channels directly within the tree view. The software automatically displays connected hardware adapters.

The hardware node makes using hardware adapters easier (Photo: Schleissheimer)

IN ADDITION, CANEASY NOW INCLUDES a snapshot plug-in. The plug-in allows users to safe and recall window positions and panel settings without interrupting their work. The plug-in saves positions and settings of windows and panels. This includes transmission settings of individual CAN signals. That way, users can recall various test scenarios again and again. The currently loaded workspace does not need to be closed to create and load snapshots.

CanEasy 4.1.2 is the first version of the software to contain the hardware node within the central tree view. Using drag and drop, buses and hardware channels can be connected directly within the tree view:
Users can drag the desired bus from the database onto any adapter below the hardware node to create a connection. In addition, users can safe and swap multiple hardware configurations. ”This update makes CanEasy even easier for our users,” said Hans-Joachim Schleissheimer. “CanEasy supports a large number of hardware adapters from different vendors. The new hardware configuration makes it very easy to use multiple adapters and buses on a single computer.”

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