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Triggering and decoding

Bus analyzer for oscilloscopes

GW Instek (Taiwan) has announced a CAN and LIN trigger and decoding function for their GDS-2000A digital oscilloscopes.

CAN bus trigger and decoding function (Photo: GW Instek)

THE COMPANY HAS DEVELOPED THE CAN AND LIN TRIGGER and decoding functions as oscilloscope logic analyzer options. The functions not only help automobile R&D engineers to detect the quality of CAN and LIN transmissions, but are also supposed to expedite the timeframe of automobile component assembly and integration. These two free functions can be installed by GDS-2000A users with firmware version 1.18 or newer and the software and user guide can be downloaded from the company’s website.

In the automobile industry nowadays, from electronic security system to automobile stereo equipment, the transmission of electronic signals determines the automobile safety and drivers’ convenience.
For instance, a CPU (central processing unit) transmits signals to peripheral safety equipment such as ABS or airbag. In the blink of an eye, the quality of electronic signals decides automobiles’ fundamental safety while facing automobile accidents. A CAN network transmission is often applied to the electronic signal transmission for automobile safety system. A LIN bus is often applied to the control and operation of peripheral electronic equipment.

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