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CANopen and J1939

CAN-diagnostic interface with WLAN

The Comfalcon from Sontheim (Germany) detects CAN data and monitors whole networks. The tool enables data transmission through WLAN.

The product can handle layer 7-protocols like CANopen or J1939 (Photo: Sontheim)

THE PRODUCT IS A CAN-DIAGNOSTIC INTEFACE with wireless data transmission via WLAN/LAN and various equipment options. It is suitable for monitoring, flashing or analyzing CAN-networks and handling layer 7-protocols like CANopen or J1939. A multithreaded software interface (API) is available that the company attaches to the hardware for free. There are also several tools offered such as the CAN-Explorer 4, which is a fieldbus diagnostic software. Then there is the MDT, which is a vehicle diagnostic software, and last but not least the CANopen Master Software and Visual CANopen, which is for handling parameters, configurations, control and operation of CAN networks.

The product has up to four galvanically isolated CAN channels; its bit-rate is freely configurable from 50 KiB to 1 MiB. Moreover, one EIA-232 and one serial multiplex interface are implemented. The device comes in an aluminum housing and can operate in harsh environments. Nine LEDs and a 14 -segment display show the current status of the interface.

The error-frame-detection feature allows surveillance and monitoring of a CAN network. The device possesses its own logic for detecting error frames and counts them up in a specific internal memory area. This feature is used for finding intermittent errors like falsified messages of a CAN participant.

The product also features ID-based level measurement, resistance measurement or current measurement. This allows reading the CAN level even I/O-related and to measure active and passive termination resistors, for example for various diagnostics on a vehicle or a machine. This is important if the network loses data which can be caused for example by short circuits.

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