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Portable solution for multi-input applications

Offering 8 channels and 12-bit resolution with one ADC per channel, Pico’s (UK) Picoscope 4824 delivers the functionality to make precision, time-correlated waveform measurements on multiple channels and a wide range of signal types.

256 MSamples buffer memory and a built-in arbitrary waveform generator make the oscilloscope suited for precise measurements (Photo: Pico)

TOOLS SUCH AS MASK LIMIT TESTING, Serial Bus Decoding, Advanced Digital Triggers, and Persistence Mode help to track problems for troubleshooting. Waveforms are captured in high resolution, making it easy to distinguish signal from noise to ease debug and analysis. The scope includes serial decoding capability across all 8 channels. The decoded data can be displayed in the format following formats: In view, In window, or both at once. The device can also import a spreadsheet to decode the hexadecimal data into user-defined text strings.
With 8 high-resolution analog channels the user can analyze audio, ultrasound, vibration, power, and timing of complex systems, and perform a range of precision measurement tasks on multiple inputs at the same time. Although the oscilloscope has the same footprint as the company’s existing 2-and 4-channel models, the BNC connectors still accept all common probes and accessories with ample spacing of 20 mm.

The oscilloscope offers a 12-bit vertical resolution, bandwidth of 20 MHz, 256 MSamples buffer memory, and a sampling rate of 80 MSamples/s. It also features deep memory to analyze multiple serial buses such as UART, I2C, SPI, CAN and LIN, plus control and driver signals. The oscilloscope is suited for making a range of power measurements on high voltages and currents and low-voltage control signals. To improve the efficiency and reliability of power designs, the scope can display and analyze standby power dissipation, inrush current and steady-state power consumption. The built-in measurements and statistics of parameters such as true RMS, frequency, peak-to-peak voltage and THD allow analysis of power quality.

256 MSamples buffer memory and a built-in arbitrary waveform generator make the oscilloscope suited for precise measurements (Photo: Pico)

Data Acquisition

Using the Software Development Kit (SDK) the user can write custom applications with storage limited only by the PC hard disk size. Nonlinear loads and modern power-conversion equipment produce complex waveforms with significant harmonic content. These harmonics reduce efficiency by causing increased heating in equipment and conductors, misfiring in variable speed drives, and torque pulsations in motors. The oscilloscope measures distortions typically up to the 100th harmonic. On the supply side, power quality issues such as sags and dips, swells and spikes, flicker, interruptions and long-term voltage and frequency variations can also be checked for regulatory compliance.

In a 3-phase distribution system, it is important to characterize and balance loads across phases. With 8 channels the oscilloscope can monitor waveforms of current and voltage on all 4 conductors of a 3-phase plus-neutral system. This helps to identify mismatches that can cause breaker tripping, or transformer and conductor overheating.

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