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64 CAN channels

Updated tool for development, testing, and service

Ixxat’s (Germany) CANanalyser is an analysis tool for development, test and maintenance of CAN networks, suitable for both industrial and automotive systems. HMS (Sweden) has now released the CAN-Analyser version 3.

The tool supports all CAN interfaces supplied by Ixxat (Photo: HMS)

THE ANALYZER SUPPORTS UP TO 64 CAN CHANNELS simultaneously with the so-called "Multi-Board Support", and displays information by means of a uniform time base. For modules using simultaneous access to multiple CAN channels, Multi-Board Support brings additional benefits – with the trace module for example, the product becomes a datalogger solution. Another feature is the signal transmit module which lets network devices be stimulated on process level without underlying CAN communication having to be known in detail. Intuitive window synchronization, in which all information windows jump to the same message with a double click, provides the user with an overview of the events at a defined point in time.

The signal interpretation enables information to be analyzed at a glance together with process parameters – such as in the graphics/signal module. This is particularly helpful when errors occur or service is required because the grouping of specific process parameters and network quality indicators (such as fault telegrams per time unit or bus load) means problems can be identified quickly.

Version 3 also contains an extended level of portability, with which measurement configurations can be copied to different measurement computers without a loss of function. Database support provided by the product allows the import of different databases into the configuration. For data interpretation, the databases are merged into one overall network database by the CANanalyser.

The added statistics scripts, for analysis of frequency distributions, repeat times, and response/run-times are in the source code (C#) and can be adapted to user-specific requirements. With the integrated programming interface and scripting host, the user can adapt the product to different applications.

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