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Testing CAN, CANopen, and J1939 systems

The X-Analyser 3 by Warwick Control (UK) is a Windows-based tool that uses Kvaser, Softing, or Vector CAN-interfaces to test the user’s CAN, CANopen, J1939, Devicenet and LIN serial network systems.

For 2014, a CAN FD version of the product is planned (Photo: Warwick Control)

ACCORDING TO THE COMPANY, THE TOOL HAS ADVANCED FEATURES and enhancements to replace the X-Analyser 2. It is capable of many functions for CAN/LIN network development and testing and is a suitable tool for end-of-line testing. It also offers features that will help with network investigative work such as reverse engineering for aftermarket and competitor tear-down work. The product has unlimited network analysis capabilities. The interface manager allows the use of multiple interfaces from multiple vendors. The tool can send and receive CAN/LIN data, as well as interpret data and engineering signals such as motor torque, engine speed etc. It is compatible with industry standard CAN databases and supports higher layer protocols such as CANopen and J1939. Additionally, it provides PC interfaces such as PCI, USB, Ethernet, and Wifi, as well as unlimited CAN and LIN channels. The product features flexible multiple window displays and a costumer script development for advanced CAN node and network simulation.

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