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Tracing six CAN networks

K2L (Germany) has announced its Automotive Test System (ATS). The tool combines support for the CAN, LIN, Flexray, and Most networks.

The tool enables access to multiple CAN networks (Photo: K2L)

ATS IS A HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE TOOL that supports automotive busses for activities related to test and simulation, such as rest bus simulation, device simulation, testing during system development and rapid prototyping. According to the company, the system covers all of the requirements for conducting analysis and verification. It also enables automated testing and simulation. This system is based on the Optolyzer Mocca compact, which acts as the hardware interface for the automotive busses. It provides six CAN interfaces with high- or low-speed transceiver or single wire CAN (two CAN selectable).

The Viewer application implements a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to trace the supported networks and enables the generation of test cases out of specifications. The application traces incoming and outgoing messages on CAN and Most and displays their status, and it disassembles CAN, LIN, and Most messages based on information provided by a specification.

The tool enables system integrators and developers to monitor the traffic of a complete, multi-bus network environment, or a single device—whether real or simulated—using a personal computer. Test engineers can verify system and device reliability by testing features and capabilities throughout the design cycle. Verification teams can use the tool to detect network failures.

The system is available as a Full, Runtime, and Entry Edition. The Full Edition integrates the complete feature set including the K2L Viewer, Code Generator, and the possibility to add own test code. The Runtime Edition provides a Viewer functionality to run test scripts and simulations, and the Entry Edition is a hardware only solution that allows users to connect their own software with the test device.

“Our ATS integrates the complete feature set to assist developers and testers in setting up and running test scripts and simulations for all of the multi-bus networks in the car,” said Matthias Karcher, K2L’s senior manager. “This will help car makers and their suppliers speed process cycle times and reduce costs.”

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