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Bus monitor

Suitable for CANopen devices

The BW1453 CANopen Master Simulator by Bihl + Wiedemann (Germany) is a monitoring software for data exchange with CANopen slave devices. It can also be used on a laptop or a notebook.

The CANopen Master Simulator (Photo: Bihl + Wiedemann)

THE SOFTWARE CAN CAPTURE DATA WITH CANopen devices. Input data can be read, output data can be written. Furthermore it is possible to read and write any object independent of the state of communication, according to the company. The tool offers also the possibility to scan a Devicenet network and find all connected devices.

The CANopen Master Simulator (Photo: Bihl + Wiedemann)

The digital I/O data can be displayed binary, hexadecimal and as ASCII code. Analog I/O data are displayed in decimal format. The CANopen output data can be transmitted consistently to the CANopen device. The product consists of the monitoring software and a CAN dongle. The CAN dongle is an interface converter between the USB interface of a PC and the CANopen network. The converter needs for power supply only the USB interface. Therefore it is suitable for laptops or notebooks.

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