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Monitoring 8 CAN channels

Version 1.6 of Zuragon’s multimedia simulation and test environment ViCANdo has been released. The company has also announced a software development kit called ADAS SDK for ViCANdo, as well as ViCANdroid 1.1 for transferring files.

The simulation environment can monitor up to 8 CAN channels (Photo: Zuragon)

ViCANDO MONITORS AND MEASURES EXTERNAL SIGNALS such as CAN, LIN, GPS, and other analog or digital signals. It can monitor up to eight CAN channels. It also records and monitors video and communication sessions, analyzes data and video recordings and geographical impacts using google maps while supervising the real signaling in the vehicle. The software is built for Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and Android.

In version 1.6, lane and vehicle detection modules are available as options and optical triggers using the video source are enabled. A sound option with FFT analysis is introduced and there is an extended text search function in fixed trace window and log files. Log markers and hot keys have been introduces in this version and there is a telematics option to connect to ViCANdroid available. Wireless interfaces from Kvaser are supported, as well as option bio-sensors, which work with Heartrate monitors over Bluetooth 4.0. Crop and loop back functions have been introduced to enhance post analysis, as well as a signal plot in video windows. New filter and sorting functions have been introduced in fixed trace. The transparency of most windows is adjustable to enhance overview and visibility.

The simulation environment can monitor up to 8 CAN channels (Photo: Zuragon)

The SDK enables users to include their own algorithms into ViCANdo, without disclosing information to third parties. SDK gives access to ViCANdo resources for networks like CAN, LIN, and other networks in real time and with full access to send and receive, as well as to the graphical engine giving possibilities to plot data in video windows and other graphical components. It also gives access to the virtual bus for simulation of system behaviour without having a complete system available. It offers advanced test and simulation capabilities, access, replay filtering, and post processing to logged data, and full support to other functions for ISO 15765, J1979, J1939, GMLan and others.

The simulation environment can monitor up to 8 CAN channels (Photo: Zuragon)

The Android-based ViCANdroid lets users record and remotely transfer log files to a server for post analysis. It enables integration of all sources in the Android device (video, GPS, sound, accelerometers, temperature and humidity sensors) combining them with up to four CAN channels. It also triggers conditions set up by ViCANdo and offers advanced post analysis through the software. With it, the user can transfer log files remotely to an FTP-server and it offers integrated OBD II diagnostics.

Zuragon (UK) focuses on tools for the development and testing of Active Safety Systems (ADAS) for vehicles. With offices in Sweden, Finland, UK, Romania, and USA and resellers in China, Japan, and South Korea, the company offers worldwide support to customers and development partners.

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