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Gateway and analyzer

With galvanic isolation of 1000 V

Sygmi (Poland) offers the USB2CAN, which is a system that can be used for diagnostics, monitoring and configuration of the CAN network. The device communicates with a PC via USB.

The USB2CAN features a bit range from 20 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s (Photo: Sygmi)

THE SYSTEM CONSISTS OF TWO BASIC ELEMENTS: The first element is the USB2CAN converter, which is a device that converts CAN to USB data and vice versa. Also it performs data exchange on the CAN network with other devices in the network. Features of the device are its 32-bit Cortex-M3 micro-controller with additional buffers for incoming and outcoming frames, its galvanic isolation of 1000 V to protect the CAN and the USB interface, and its power supply directly from the USB bus. The product comes with a USB cable of 1 m length, four LEDs status indications, a CAN interface connector (DB9 male), and three operation modes (normal, loopback, listen only). Additionally, the product delivers device drivers for Windows and Linux.

The USB2CAN features a bit range from 20 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s (Photo: Sygmi)

The second element is the CANanalyzer application, which is a dedicated computer program that provides connection with the USB2CAN device via a USB interface. The product offers the possibility to set bitrate and mode of the device. It comes with a so-called autobaud mode, which automatically dedicates the bitrate on the CAN network. Additionally it comes with the feature of transmission and reception of any type of CAN frames and a configurable number of outgoing frames and time interval between them. Available languages of the application are Polish and English.

The offered USB2CAN system also comes with a user interface – an API (Application Programming Interface) that provides functions and procedures for communication with the company’s USB2CAN library. Using this interface the user can build their own application.

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