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Dual-channel for the Raspberry Pi

The Bitscope Micro is a mixed signal scope that includes a logic protocol analyzer, waveform and pattern generator, spectrum analyzer, and data recorder. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux on x86, and ARM.

The scope comes bundled with ten signal clips and a USB cable (Photo: Bitscope)

THE OSCILLOSCOPE COMES IN A LIGHTWEIGHT, waterproof, USB-powered package. It can capture logic at up to 40 mega samples per second and has a 20 MHz analog bandwidth. It can drive a frame rate up to 50 Hz with digital phosphor display. Even on Raspberry Pi it's possible to reach a 30Hz refresh rate. It is user programmable, captures digital and analog signals simultaneously, and can stream continuously directly to disk. The oscilloscope has 12-bit analog sample resolution and a high-speed real-time waveform display.

It can capture eight logic/timing signals along with cross-triggers for multi-channel mixed signal measurements and captures CAN, SPI, I2C, UART, and logic timing concurrently. The device displays analog waveforms and their spectra simultaneously in real-time, generates an arbitrary waveform, and captures analog and digital signals concurrently. It also enables the creation of programmable logic and/or protocol patterns while recording anything it can capture, allowing off-line replay and waveform analysis. It is user programmable with C/C++, Python, and VM API.

All of the Australian company’s mixed signal oscilloscopes and analyzers are compatible with Raspberry Pi. They can be connected with a Raspberry Pi via USB or Ethernet to build a complete stand-alone mixed signal oscilloscope, logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and waveform generator. These scopes are very low power, which means the user doesn't need a USB hub. A library is also available making it easy to create embedded tests, measurement or data acquisition applications.

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