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Diagnostic kit

OBD function and J1939 integration

Warwick Control has added additional features to its X-Analyser 3 diagnostic kit. The intension of the company was to make the analyzer more powerful for vehicle disciplines in the aftermarket industries.

(Photo: Warwick Control)

ALONG WITH THE FEATURES SHOWN IN THE DIAGRAM, the company has added an integrated J1939 CAN database and OBD (on-board diagnostics) Scan Tool capabilities to the 3.10 version of the analyzer. While users can see real-time CAN data on their application, they can also ascertain OBD functions supported on their vehicle in Mode 1 (Live Data), Mode 3 (DTCs), and Mode 4 (Clear DTCs). Also, an interactive J1939 CAN database for commercial vehicle applications is provided. Other built-in features are e.g. a CAN database editor, transmit functions, signals gauges, Windows displays, etc.

The additions also include:

  • An interactive generator for CANdb and J1939 signal oriented transmission,
  • Interactive signal editing – signal parameters can be changed on the fly for reverse engineering,
  • J1939 CAN identifier interpretation,
  • Virtual CAN drivers for offline playback and simulation without a CAN interface,
  • Peak Systems CAN interface support,
  • A save log gives the option to save raw data as Vector ASC,
  • Signals view for raw data trace messages – view raw CAN data can be viewed alongside the signals info in the same display,
  • Real time playback – user can pick where in the log they want to start from,
  • C# scripting – simulation project building.

The roadmap for the X-Analyser product range includes the complete phasing out of X-Analyser 2 by the end of 2015 at which point, X-Analyser 3 will have CANopen support.

The company offers a 14-day trial of X-Analyser 3 for customers with a CAN interface (Kvaser, Softing or Vector). This is a fully functional temporary license that allows users to try out the features of the analyzer. The company also offers a demo that works without an interface that shows all features using a virtual CAN network. It supplies users with a configuration that allows them to play-back a car journey and see all features of the product during the playback.

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