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Support for CSF files

Epec (Finland) has released version of its CANmoon software. This version includes the possibility to save control system parameters to a file as well as support for CSF files.

CANmoon can be directly launched from MultiTool (Photo: Epec)

VERSION OF CANMOON LETS USER SAVE CONTROL system parameters to a file and restore the values from a file later on if needed. The saved values can also be copied to other similar machines. CANmoon is a CANopen-based software tool. It can be used to monitor and diagnose nodes on a CAN network. It can also be used for downloading applications to Epec control units and updating their firmware.

CANmoon is now also able to interpret EMCY messages. Received EMCY messages are interpreted from hexadecimal format to readable texts described by the CANopen standard. The software also offers support for CSF files generated by Multi Tool. CANmoon can be started directly from Mulit Tool with the correct setup for the selected network.

Epec has also released version 1.9 of SDK, the company’s software development kit. With SDK, an updated version of Multi Tool, libraries, and Codesys targets can be installed. The kit includes the latest Multi Tool version with an improved graphical user interface and CANmoon launching directly from the tool.

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