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Free tool with interface purchase

As a distributor of Kvaser interfaces in the UK, Warwick Control is introducing a new policy for its customers: Any Kvaser interface purchased from Warwick Control comes with a free ECO version of the X-Analyser 3.

A CAN FD version of the product is also planned (Photo: Warwick Control)

THE X-ANALYSER IS A WINDOWS-BASED TOOL that uses Kvaser, Softing, or Vector interfaces to test CAN, CANopen, J1939, Devicenet, and LIN systems. It can also be used for OBD scan tool functions over the CAN network. The tool allows the user to monitor, analyze, and log bus data. It also allows CAN transmissions.

This is an opportunity to receive a basic CAN sniffer. It gives customer a chance to get the feel of the X-Analyser 3 before deciding if they want to upgrade to the X-Analyser 3 Standard or X-Analyser 3 Professional. There is no obligation to upgrade. The company also offers a free 14-day trial of the X-Analyser 3 Professional for evaluation.

X-Analyser 3 Specification & Feature comparison – v3.10.57.55

Features Professional Edition Standard Edition ECO Edition
Multi-Raw Data Trace Display Yes Yes Yes
Engineering Signals CAN and LIN CAN and LIN None
Signals/CANdb Editor Integrated & Standalone No
Multi-Signal Display Yes Yes No
Multi-Signal Scope Display Yes Yes No
Multi Gauges Signal Display Yes Yes No
Stop /Pass Filters Stop & Pass Stop & Pass Stop & Pass
CAN FD Virtual Bus Virtual Bus Virtual Bus
CANdb/LDF Support Yes Yes No
Import ASC Log Files Yes Yes Yes
Kvaser CAN/LIN Interface Support Yes Yes Yes
Network Channels Unlimited Single Single
CAN/LIN Object Transmitter Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
ISO15765 Object Transmitter Yes Yes No
Interactive Generator CAN & J1939 No No
Real-time CAN/LIN Playback Yes Yes Yes
Configurable GUI Yes Yes Yes
Windows OS Vista, Win7, Win8** Vista, Win7, Win8**
Scripting C#.Net Yes No
Scripting (T-Script)* Yes Yes Yes
J1939 Option Yes No No
CANopen Yes No No

* Needs Kvaser Eagle interface
** Windows 10 pending, will follow soon

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