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CAN monitoring tool

Data displayed in plain text

ESD (Germany) has added functionality to its free-of-charge CANreal monitoring tool. CAN messages and CAN data are no longer shown as hexadecimal values, but displayed in plain text.

The CAN monitoring tool is for free (Photo: ESD)

IN ITS CURRENT VERSION, CANreal is able to read in DBC files. DBC files have become more or less a general standard when it comes to describing CAN messages in "CAN data base" format. The DBC file is a text-file defining rules for the transformation of CAN data into physical parameters. These are tangible and easily understood by the user. Thus, they contain message names for certain CAN IDs, names for process variables or signals, and describe the respective data type, unit and scale factor.

With CANreal the user can keep an eye on crucial signals and data. The time display of up to 200 of these signals is presented clearly and can be analyzed and monitored online in plain text. Of course this display can also be used offline for a subsequent evaluation of already recorded data.