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Embedded World 2016

Oscilloscope with CAN decoding bundle

Rigol’s portfolio of oscilloscopes covers the bandwidth range from 50 MHz up to 1 GHz. Besides the MSO/DS2000A and MSO/DS4000 series, Rigol shows the mixed-signals-oscilloscope series DS1000Z Plus at the Embedded World 2016.

The four-channel, 100-MHz oscilloscope DS1104Z Plus (Photo: Rigol)

The DS1000Z Plus comes with 70 MHz and 100 MHz bandwidth. All scope series are based on the company’s patented Ultra-Vision Technology. The added multi-language user interface allows configuring the scope in the corresponding language.

With possibilities like on-site bandwidth upgrade (MSO/DS4000), on-site adding of digital logic channels (DS1000Z Plus) or enhancing the decoding functionalities (for all series), Rogil offers flexibility with scope configurations. The decoding bundle includes CAN, EIA-232, SPI, I2C, Flexray, and LIN decoding. If users purchase a MSO/DS4000 with either 200 MHz or 350 MHz, the company offers one bandwidth upgrade step for free. On top of that, users also get the complete decoding bundle for free with their MSO/DS4000.


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