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Calibration service

Diagnosis tool becomes more precise

The electronics company Gemac (Germany) offers an annual calibration service for its mobile diagnosis tool CANtouch to all customers.

The CANtouch has a 4,3 inch color display (Photo: Gemac)

The standard for measuring devices recommends a regular calibration of measuring devices to companies - for instance every twelve months. Gemac answers this requirement with its service offer: the annual calibration of CANtouch. All new devices are delivered calibrated. It is recommended to repeat the calibration annually to adjust the CAN input circuit of the device and to restore the measuring accuracy, if necessary.

As of now, the calibration of CANtouch, which can be performed by Gemac only, is offered optionally. The calibration protocol, showing the date of the latest calibration as well as a note when the re-calibration is recommended, is stored in the device itself. This calibration protocol can additionally be ordered as a pdf file.

The battery-operated handheld CANtouch can be controlled via touchscreen. Its controlling is comparable to a smartphone’s and it connects directly to the CAN network. The user connects it with a cable and receives measurement results without stopping the system. The device can be used for commissioning, analysis, monitoring, and maintenance work on CAN-, CANopen-, Devicenet-, and J1939-based systems.


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