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J1939 diagnosis

Protocol monitor for J1939

The electronics company Gemac has extended the functionality of its diagnosis device CAN-Bus Tester 2 and software tool CANvision by adding a protocol monitor for J1939.

(Photo: Gemac)

Gemac (Germany) has launched the software license "Protocol monitor SAE J1939" for its CAN-Bus Tester 2 making further diagnosis possibilities available to the user of the only diagnosis device that tests CAN systems logically and physically. The software tool CANvision has also been extended by a license client for J1939 It enables the user to analyze J1939 data via the network without having to be present at the place of the actual measurement.

This protocol extension eases the familiarization with the J1939 protocol and allows the user to analyze the data of J1939-based systems. The optional extension decodes and displays the source address, the parameter group (PGN – Parameter Group Number), and the individual signals (SPN – Suspect Parameter Number) specific to J1939 whilst taking into consideration the transport protocols BAM (Broadcast Announce Message) and CMDT (Connection Mode Data Transfer). For a better overview, the data can be filtered, sorted, and highlighted in different colors. An integrated J1939 database eases the setting of the filter criteria.

With this protocol extension for J1939, the CAN-Bus Tester 2 and CANvision become tools for the analysis of J1939-based communication protocols. J1939 is used in utility vehicles, agricultural and forestry machines, fleet management systems, networks between trucks and their trailer, as well as in the shipbuilding industry. It is a standard maintained by the international Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). It works on the physical layer with CAN-highspeed in accordance with ISO 11898. The ISO standard 11783 (Isobus) used in agricultural vehicles is based on the J1939 standard just like the communication protocol NMEA 2000 of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) used in the shipbuilding industry. Gemac's protocol monitor for J1939 therefore supports the user in analyzing these two standards as well.


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